If there’s one thing everyone should learn about traveling it is that the planning process can be especially overwhelming and lengthy when other people are involved in your plans. Sure, taking a trip to a new destination is fun with all of your closest friends, but have you ever considered the possibility of taking a journey by yourself? Think about it — you’d be able to have full control of where you go, what you do and the overall experience that you’ll have. A lot of people find too much alone time daunting, but maybe it’s just the thing you need to give you that boost that you’ve been searching for. Traveling to a breezy destination by the water is just the thing you need to start off your solo travel, and the possibilities are endless.

The arguably most convenient, easy to book, and fun option for a solo traveler is a cruise. Cruises have so many amenities, along with breathtaking destinations, that make traveling easier for all kinds of people.

IMG: Mr.TinDC. Norwegian Majesty Stern. Flickr. Creative commons.

Here are some great options for the solo traveler:

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Lines have always been known for their top accommodations and luxury. Now, most of the cruises offer a studio option, complete with a full-sized bed, private bathroom, and full-screen TV. Also, solo travelers have access to their Studio Complex and Lounge, a haven for those who didn’t come with a companion and want to easily socialize with other solos.

Holland America Line

One lesser-known gem for solo cruisers is the Holland America Line, a line of cruises that especially caters to the solo traveler. Multiple cruises in this line offer a multitude of programs and activities that can be done sans a partner, such as cooking workshops, wine tastings, cocktail mixers, and games.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal cruises host some of the smaller passenger lists that usually consist of around 25 percent of solo travelers. Activities include singles’ parties, mixers, Tai Chi lessons, art classes, and other supplements that offer discounted pricing for singles. Crystal Cruises have also adopted an open seating policy that doesn’t limit the solo travel to conversing with the same people every night; however, there’s still an option to dine strictly with other singles.

One main reason travelers decide to go at it alone is to find themselves in a foreign place. Everyone is on their own journey, and what a better way to discover one’s self than a spiritual trip surrounded by water, designed for those who are looking for internal peace.

IMG: Véronique Mergaux. Bali.
3W6A6900. Flickr. Creatiive Commons.

Bali, Indonesia

The beautiful island of Bali is known for ancient temples and palaces, surfing, and adventurous exploration. As Indonesia’s spiritual center, the solo traveler on a self-exploration trip can find spiritual healers that will leave your chakras aligned and you feeling refreshed in no time. This destination is great for any adventurer, one who will explore lush rice fields, hike to hidden waterfalls, and snorkel in glorious coral reefs. The people will make you feel at home, and you will feel secure enough to find yourself.

IMG: Véronique Mergaux.
Varanasi. 3W6A4870. Flickr. Creative Commons.

Varanasi, India

Amongst one of the most popular destinations for spirituality and inner peace, Varanasi, India is a great option for the soul-searching solo traveler. This city is loaded with sacred temples of the Hindu religion. Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is thought to be one of the holiest — even the water is deemed holy. Take a swim in its holy waters, meditate, or explore its historic wonders.

IMG: La Mezquita. Abderrahman Ait Ali. IMG_20180713_175259. Flickr. Creative Commons.

Cordoba, Spain

This spiritual melting pot of Europe is a top destination for those searching for inner peace. Cordoba has inhabitants of the Islamic, Christian and Jewish faith, and they all coexist harmoniously. Solo travelers will fair well on their visit to La Mezquita (or The Mosque), a mosque that was built for worship during the Islamic conquest and includes a Catholic cathedral within that was built during the Christian reconquest. With so much spiritual history within its limits, the discovery of self is bound to happen. This destination isn’t quite surrounded by water, but it does have a beautiful river running along its southern borders, allowing for great views, relaxation and maybe even a nice river cruise for your enjoyment.

Vacations for most people mean a time of relaxation and rejuvenation; however, some travelers find the typical vacation quite boring. Here are some options for the adrenaline junkie that can’t convince their friends to get in on the action.

IMG: Andrea Schaffer,
Reynisfjara. Flickr. Creative Commons.


Iceland is one of the most majestic and calming places one can ever experience. But, Iceland can also be a great destination for someone with a sense of adventure. With its multiple nature-based tours, hiking excursions, and even whale-watching expeditions, it’s quite difficult to get bored. It’s hard not to notice the clear waters that line the coasts or the waterfalls that magically appear in the midst of lush lands. Not to mention, Icelandic locals tend to be friendly people who can be helpful in dropping some information on how to make the most of your trip. During the summer months, daytime lasts for an extended period of time that will leave you watching a beautiful sunset around 11 p.m. During the off-season months of late fall, winter and spring, it’s more convenient for those who are dying the see the wonders of the Northern Lights. No matter what time of year you go, an adventure awaits in Iceland.

IMG: Dan Nevill. Sloth. Flickr. Creative Commons.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has gained the title of one of the happiest locations in the world and it’s easy to see why. This lovely location with coastlines along the Caribbean and Pacific hosts a number of activities for the extremist, including whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, and hot springs to soak in. For the moments you’re not in or by the water, take a chance at zip lining through rainforests, or trekking to a national volcano park. No matter what you want to do, Costa Rica has whatever it is you’re looking for.

As you can see, there are so many options for the curious solo traveler — and these aren’t even half of them! The time is now to grab life by the reins and take that trip all by yourself, giving you the chance to see and experience all of the things you want. Don’t let the fear of solitude deter you from a wonderful, wholesome solo trip of bliss.



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