Ask any adult what creative outlet they used when the weather did not permit outside activity, and it is certain many will say they indulge in “coloring.” Coloring books have been used by child-rearing adults everywhere to keep kids occupied during inclement weather, long road trips, and sometimes to simply stimulate creativity. Every parent has certainly amused themselves and taken a moment back in time to exercise that creative muscle as well.

These days there has been an increase in the availability of Adult Coloring Books. Most adults would think the whole idea a bit childish (even stupid), but you are hereby challenged to pick one up and not be transported back to a simpler time. Themes range from animals to intricate 3D patterns, but nothing fits the Griots Republic coloring book challenge better than Patricia Keller’s We Travel in Color. Touted as the first black adult travel coloring book, it does not disappoint.

We Travel in Color was inspired by Keller’s world travels after exiting the corporate rat race. It is filled with some very inspiring illustrations that capture the essence of Black travel from all over the globe. It includes pictures from South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Understand this; We Travel in Color is one of a kind and is certain to provide hours of enjoyment on those long flights.  

Like so many drivers of the Black Travel Movement, Keller simply wants to dispel the myth that people of color do not travel. The coloring book is a simple way to educate and connect travelers across the diaspora, and it inspires others to make travel a priority in tandem with a busy lifestyle.

Keller’s work in travel is not just in coloring books. She manages the My Travel Crush community which has a 70k membership consisting of expats, travel lovers, and nomads from just about all over. It’s the members of the Crush Community that provided the inspiration for the coloring book. My Travel Crush is also a resource for travel planning, advice, and apparel.  

To get your own coloring book, visit the We Travel in Color.


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