My best ideas often come in the middle of the night, early hours of morning or while I’m in the air. On this particular day that I concocted the idea for PointStream. I was on a long-haul between New York and Los Angeles for a getaway weekend with some long time friends, I was staring off into the clouds and began thinking about where my next destination would be.
One of the things I’d always dreamed about accomplishing before the age of 30 was a world tour.

My objective was to take about 3 or 4 months to myself and make my best attempt to touch all of the continents I had yet to visit and revisit the ones I enjoyed the most on previous trips. As I thought about a strategy for this trip, the idea for PointStream came into forefront. I did not have a name for the mobile application at the time, but I knew exactly what I wanted to be able to do with it.

As an avid traveler, I’ve become somewhat of a hoarder of hotel points, car rental rewards, airline miles, and other such travel privileges. If you’re the type of person that like to diversify your company loyalties, it can be a somewhat tedious process logging into and tracking your progress with all of these different companies.Beyond tracking all of the loyalty rewards, the process of planning out your travel to maximize your rewards is rather time consuming in itself. All of the frustrations I was dealing with in attempts to plan out my travel served as the driving force in the development of PointStream.

As I began strategizing on all of the things I would really want for a travel app, I began to think about the things I really wish I saw in apps that were currently out. There were quite a few companies that had made the tech leap and designed an app specific to their brand. However, even with all of the major mergers between hotels and airlines, maintaining your loyalty rewards can still be quite daunting.With these different concepts in mind, I wanted PointStream to focus on three primary things consolidate rewards profiles from airlines, car companies, hotels, manage and construct itineraries based on rewards profiles ands lastly create a peer to peer exchange market to augment those rewards.

Those closest to me generally know there are certain luxuries I am always willing to pay for, but there are others I generally try to avoid, if at all possible. Whenever I begin the process of booking travel, my first step involves a side by side comparison of the dollar cost of the entire trip vs rewards.I think often the best ideas come from personal experiences and needs. I truly feel I’m going to enjoy having this tool in hand when I’m planning the next getaway and many others will also.


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