The traditional crafts of Morocco are considered quite significant in understanding the heritage of the country. There isn’t a single house in the country that does not have a piece of art that is a result of this marvelous traditional art. These crafts grab the attention of many travelers who tour Morocco. The crafts of Morocco play an important role in promoting tourism in the country as well.

The Pottery of Morocco

Pottery has always been one of the most significant crafts of the Moroccan Kingdom. It has enriched the Arab and Islamic civilizations throughout history. The pottery of the famous Amazeeg tribes is famous all over Northern Africa and it grabs the attention of many tourists who travel to Morocco.

The pottery in Morocco can generally be divided into two categories. The first is the pottery of the villages that is featured with the art and the shapes of the tribes of Morocco. The other type is the pottery of the cities that is characterized by the geometrical shapes of Islamic art. There are also some sections of the country where the traditional outlines of the tribal art are blended with the Andalusian styles resulting in magnificent pieces of art. Several tourists who spend their vacations in Morocco purchase pottery as gifts and souvenirs to take back home after a wonderful holiday.

The Traditional Shoes and Slippers “Sharbil”

This is one of the trademarks of the traditional Moroccan crafts. The Sharbil is the traditional shoes and slippers of Morocco. There are actually many different types of Sharbil. There is the Persian, Marrakesh, Elsweira, and many other styles of this amazing shoe. Many tourists who spend their holidays in Morocco are advised to buy Sharbils.

Walking around any city of Morocco, especially the touristic destinations, travelers would find many of these shoes and slippers all over many shops as they form wonderful and colorful portraits that tourists who spend their holidays in Morocco are always fond of. Made out of leather, these remarkable shoes and slippers are the best to purchase while being in Morocco.

The Copper Crafts

Copper jewelry, pots, and various utensils have been spread all over the kingdom for centuries. In the past, there wasn’t a single home in Morocco that doesn’t have a product made out of pure copper. The talented Moroccan craftsmen excelled in ornamenting the copper products from various types. Today, copper products are quite popular among tourists who travel to Morocco.

There are many cups, trays, and dishes that are wonderfully crafted out of pure copper that is featured with being easily shaped and then tinted in various colors like yellow, golden, silver, and nickel. Morocco is among the countries that give special attention to the various crafts of the country. This is why vacationers who travel to Morocco are always keen to buy rational crafts during their holidays.

The Leather Products

Morocco is also quite popular and famous for producing many several leather products including shoes, bags, wallets, and many other products. Due to the usage of the best leather and the talents of the craftsmen who produce these goods, many travelers who spend their vacations in Morocco are usually quite interested to purchase leather from Morocco.


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