A  Timeshare contract can be canceled at any time within the cancellation period mentioned in the Timeshare contract. However, in order for a Timeshare cancellation to be effective and correct, there is a proper procedure that needs to be followed, or rather let’s put it this way – there are 5 essential things that you must always remember to do when canceling a Timeshare contract.

The Timeshare cancellation becomes effective and legally binding only if this procedure is followed. In case the procedure is not followed and there are defects or inadequacies found in the Timeshare cancellation, then the cancellation will not be effective and that means that period for cancellation would have expired and recourse to legal action will be the only option available.

These 5 essential MUST Dos are as follows:

–    Respond within the time limit provided for Timeshare cancellation.

–    Have the Timeshare cancellation signed by the person who signed the Timeshare contract.

–    Inform the Timeshare developer about Timeshare cancellation in writing.

–    Include all the details of the Timeshare contract in the written communication.

–    Send the Timeshare cancellation by registered Mail or Certified Mail.

From the above, it can be seen that Timeshare cancellation is opted for by those individuals who are unhappy with their contracts and want them to be brought to an end. This could be due to many reasons including buyer’s remorse. Therefore, it is a best practice to read up the Timeshare Contract before signing the Timeshare Contract.

As long as the Timeshare cancellation is done during the cancellation period it is OK and acceptable but in case the Timeshare cancellation period has expired, then the only resort available to the Timeshare owner is to seek professional legal advice in order to know the rights of the Timeshare owners.

Timeshare Attorneys comprise of lawyers or law firms that specialize in taking up Timeshare cancellation cases. They have a consolidated body of knowledge and valuable experience and understand the intricacies related to Timeshare contracts and how the wordings of the contracts can be used to the advantage or disadvantage of the Timeshare owner. Apart from this, having worked for so many years on Timeshare cancellation cases, they have acquired the position of Thought Leadership.

Timeshare attorneys follow standard protocols and professional business ethics in the conduct of their work and activities. They hear the case brief from the Timeshare owners and review the merits of the case in order to determine the course of action to be followed and whether the Timeshare owners stand a chance of winning the case or not.

If the Timeshare owners have a weak caseFree Reprint Articles, then they are advised about it accordingly. In such cases, Timeshare owners can either seek a second legal opinion or choose not to fight the case at all.

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