Griots Republic LLC., an urban black travel brand, is the parent company to Griots Republic Magazine and, the book publishing division of the company. The digital magazine, Griots Republic (GR), is the face of the brand and offers both original and curated content and interviews about black culture and travel. The monthly magazine, which seeks to appeal to a niche market of travelers, is only made possible through the efforts of hundreds of photographers, writers, travelers and sponsors – all willing to share their insights on the world with Griots Republic readers.


Davita Mckelvey

Editor In Chief

A creative with astute organizational management skills, Davita's career in international production and sourcing has placed her in lead roles with several large fashion companies, including Gap Inc. and Nine West Footwear Corporation. As an avid traveler, she has traveled through nearly 90 countries, making her travel knowledge and international connections a strong asset to the Griots Republic brand.

Brian Blake

Director of Visual Media

A graduate of Wharton School of Business' MBA program, Brian contributes a broad based knowledge of information technology to the GR team. He has spent over 17 years operating and building IT programs for several major corporations and organizations worldwide, including Cisco Systems, Merrill Lynch and UBS. He is also a Jamaican National who has traveled to 30+ countries and as a traveler we lean on his ability to conduct business anywhere in the world.

Alexandra Stewart

Business Manager

With over 16 years in private and governmental accounting and finance, Alexandra oversees Griot Republic's Finances, as well as leads the Retail Division, set to launch in 2017. She has lived on four continents as a U.S. diplomat and has traveled to over 40 countries. She brings a level of organization and attention to detail to the team and as the Retail Executive, Griots Republic benefits from her worldwide contacts.

Lia Miller

Staff Writer

Lia Miller is a wife and mother, professional diplomat, award-winning blogger, DIY loc’d naturalista, avid reader, foodie, movie buff, sports enthusiast, passionate about the arts, news junkie, advocate for the underdog, and a world traveler.

Marcus White

Sales Manager

A seasoned traveler, Marcus enjoys long walks on any beach that leads to great food, especially desserts. He also enjoys sharing his adventures with the Griots Republic readers.