Would it surprise you to know that the top 20 search terms that lead people to Griots Republic and the top trending articles all have to do with sex? It never surprises us. We did an entire issue on global sexuality, and it’s still the most widely read. Why? Because travel, like youth in general, is as much about freedom and individual expression as it is about moving from one location to another. Sexuality, hedonism, and the pursuit of pleasure and sensual self-indulgence are naturally a part of many folks’ travel itineraries; unless of course, you’re on a mission or something else wildly inappropriate [Read: Aid workers], but even that’s between you and your god or the people funding your trip. I digress…sex and travel have always gone hand in hand and though terms like “sex tourism” have become synonymous with illegal activities, STDs, and degradation of impoverished locals, there’s a new trend on the block in the tourism industry – libertine tourism.

Libertine tourism is a branch of travel that […] involves traveling for sexual reasons, whether to embark on a vacation with a spouse to a swingers’ resort or to take part in a cruise that celebrates sexual expression and freedom.

If you are a lover of words, then you may appreciate the etymology of “libertine,” which derives from the Latin word “libertinus” meaning “freedman.” As a descendant of slaves, the word “freedman” has a je ne sais quoi that is exceptionally appealing to me; however, “libertine” is defined as someone “who ignores or even spurns accepted morals and forms of behavior sanctified by the larger society.” Now, whether you equate someone who rejects religious and moral attitudes towards sex with a freedman, is again between you and your god. However, the appeal and subsequent growth of libertine tourism is not debatable.

According to Forbes, libertine travel is valued at 1.2 billion euros per year in Europe alone. Let me put that in perspective; out of all of the countries in the world, there are approximately 15 of them who would kill for that yearly GDP! That 1.2 billion euro is just for Europe. I cannot even imagine how many folks in the United States and the rest of the world are packing up their kinks, fetishes, and toys and taking them on vacation. That’s a lot of sex!

So here we are, and you’re likely asking, “What am I supposed to do with this information?” The answer, again, is between you and your god, but if the freedman in you is here for all of this, then I’ve done some research for you.

Here lies the many ways you can get down while out of town.


Out of all the ways you can enter the world of libertine tourism, my money says that this is perhaps the easiest. Why? First, if you change your mind, you can just stay in your room all night and rest up for excursions during the day. No harm, no foul. You still get a vacation. Second, swinger’s cruises are everywhere all of a sudden and your options are plentiful.

So let’s start at the top. Do you have to be a swinger or have to participate to go on these types of cruises? No! They are generally marketed as adults only, clothing optional, vacations. So if swinging isn’t your cup of tea, but no kids and butts in the wind are, then this is still for you. With that said, if swinging is your thing, then the added benefit of sensual experiences and entertainment, playrooms, and like-minded guests should help facilitate your fun.

In terms of the who, what, when, and where of it all, you may be surprised to learn that some of your favorite cruise lines have adults only tour dates available through their work with travel agents specializing in libertine tourism. Bliss Cruise and Couples Cruises,  are two such charters that organize entire ship takeovers for your lusty pleasure. Further, if you wanted to reach travel agents, in particular, then ask, and you shall receive. Seek the following resources, and you will certainly find events that may work for you: TheSwingerCruise.comRight Connections TravelTopless TravelDream Pleasure Tours, and Erotic Adult TravelDesire cruises is another clothing optional cruise line to look into. With cruises to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, and the Greek Islands and monthly events at their clothing optional, Mexican resort in Puerto Morelos, you are sure to have an amazing time, or again, stay in your room all day.

Hedonism is one of the most popular resorts,  but so is Temptation Cancun Resort. There are also a few well-known resorts that you should look into:

Let’s be honest, a simple google search will present a few options in whatever part of the world you’re traveling to and at whatever budget you can afford. However, upon looking through all of this information (what a job!), my advice to you is to figure out what you do and do not want to experience and then go searching for a match. Because just like dating, there’s a lid for every pot (e.g. BDSM, kink, couples only, etc.) in the world of swinger resorts.


From the Kit Kat Club in Berlin to Les Chandelles in Paris, sex clubs across Europe are common and for many vacationing libertines, planning a trip to these clubs and gaining entrance is a quest similar to dining at a Michelin starred restaurant. However, Europe isn’t the only playground worthy of your sex club bucket list. There’s Snctm in Beverly Hills; Red Rooster in Las Vegas;  2A2 nightclub in Rio; Miami Velvet in Miami. Again, this list could go on and on. Do a search in the city you’re heading to and put it on the itinerary. However, the important thing to note here is that this is essentially where libertine tourism and sex tourism differ – consensual sex between adults with no money exchanged vs. pay to play with prostitutes or escorts.

If cruises, resorts, and clubs have all been written down and you’re on your way to enjoying libertine tourism, then take a moment to add the many sex museums around the world to your list as well. Sex museums are fantastic bucket list starters! Also, don’t forget to check out KinkBnb, the sex version of Airbnb and utilize the web! If for even a minute you understood that Black Folks Meet is a thing, but didn’t realize that Swingers Meet is also a thing then you’re crazy. The explosion of websites dedicated to those “in the lifestyle” has created “bed surfing” opportunities across the globe for you and your partner(s). Lastly, please, please, please be safe! Being a freedman is also about being responsible for your health and safety.


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