Suzanne Thi Hien Hook in 2010 sold everything she could, including her car and shoes in the UK and set out on a Mission to open up an orphanage in Vietnam to help orphaned/dis-advantaged children – Why? Suzanne Thi Hien was an orphan herself from the Vietnam War.As the war raged on with no sign of letting up, in England a group of Christians in Leamington Spa had formed an association called Project Vietnam Orphans (PVO). They had recruited nurses who were willing to fly out to Vietnam to offer help and support to the Vietnamese nurses in the orphanages. This house was called Allambie.

Suzanne Thi Hien’s childhood with her white adopted Christian parents was not a good experience. Suzanne grew up in a predominantly white environment and always felt there was part of her missing. Suzanne Struggled with coming to terms with her past and being abandoned by her birth mother.

In 2006 Suzanne returned to her birth country for the first time and felt she needed to give something back to her birth country and help the new generation of orphans, and so Allambie Orphanage was set up. Allambie Orphanage opened its doors in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) Vietnam in 2010 and has now been running for seven years. Allambie orphanage is a UK registered charity. The Orphanage was set up to help orphaned/disadvantaged children and give them an education and a safe place to live in a home environment. The orphanage in Vietnam is a home where the children are loved, helped, encouraged, educated and cared for in a strong family environment. Allambie relies on donations, fundraisers, sponsors and everything donated to Allambie goes directly to the children. Allambie is also very proud of the fact that every single penny that is donated to Allambie goes directly to the children. Suzanne set up Allambie by herself and does not have a large NGO or a corporate company behind her. Suzanne and the board members do not take a salary. Their work is voluntary and there are no admin costs because Suzanne the founder does all the admin work herself.

Allambies Mission Statement:
“To create a loving and secure family home where each child has one to one encouragement to help them look forward to the future.”

Facebook – Allambie Orphanage Vietnam and Allambie Orphanage

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