Autumn in New York City always evokes certain sights, sounds, and flavors. It has been years now since Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts inundated the seasonal transition with pumpkin-spiced- every-possible-convenience-food-available to the amusement (and chagrin) of pop culture commentators everywhere. It is still “in,” and making money, apparently, but there are those of us that yearn for more.

I can almost guarantee that any other part of the world you venture, the most popular flavor profiles will be salty, savory, pungent and spicy. We can thank the advent of The Foodie and bespoke culinary crafters in the last decade and a half with tipping the balance in favor of savory, albeit, in delicious but less than healthy directions (remember the bacon-everything era?). Don’t trip over your overnight oats just yet.

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While we’re on the subject of trend foods, think for a moment about the historic harvest season, and the role of whole grains. Nowadays, we have “superfoods” like amaranth, chia, and flaxseed mixed into the most generic of health-conscious cuisine. But in America, many things still lean towards the sweet end of the flavor spectrum.

Not to worry food adventurers! Fall is here, and there’s a new kind of granola gathering steam, with names like Bombay, Kingston (yassss, Kingston Jamaica!), and Marrakesh to entice your wanderlust and your tongue! Born from a collaboration between two astute working women on their off-time, Spice Trail Snacks is a small brand winning over grocery chains, trade shows, and traveling food festivals. Brooke Rosenstein and Preeti Salvi hit a corner of the market and ran with it, all while daydreaming about their next travel adventures. The Livingston, New Jersey-based snack entrepreneurs, decided over their
months of debating possible winning ideas that they would blaze a trail with savory granola that packed a healthier set of whole grains and pulses.

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The first flavor created was “Bombay,” after co-founder Preeti’s hometown, and a popular fried street snack called chevda. Bombay Crunch is much healthier, being baked with oats, millet, amaranth, whole cashews, roasted mung beans, and raisins. Flavored with rich curry leaf, cayenne, turmeric, cumin and a touch of honey, this granola gives the faraway sensation of a bustling city full of rich color and beguiling languages. “Marrakesh” is the mildest of the three breakout flavors, playing with cinnamon and cardamom, but also harissa, honey, ginger, and lemon. Roasted chickpeas and dates make the Marrakesh location-affirming, for discerning palates. The most daring of the flavors is “Kingston,” reminiscent of a beach-side jerk hut, boasting a bold scotch bonnet heat to match the lime juice, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil and thyme combination. Wow!

Although based stateside (U.S.), Spice Trail Snacks opens the door to world travel through accessible food, which, incidentally, is also easy to transport, should you feel the need to create a custom flight experience. Their products are expanding to several grocery chains, but for everyone drooling from afar, you can always order online.

Check out their Instagram page for creative suggestions beyond crunching on fistfuls.


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