Is this the next book to add to your reading list? “YES!”


There is something intriguing about the close of an old year and the onset of the new. For some it signifies the end of twelve months of successes and the mystery of newer and greater things ahead while for others, it means putting 365 days of arduous challenges behind and the hope of better things to come. Regardless of how you look at it, the New Year means just that, a new year to try again. That’s  what makes the first book, “The Year of Yes” is perfectly timed.

Reading this book with no knowledge of who Rhimes is will be a challenge because without understanding her celebrity, the journey outlined in this book may not have the same impact. However, if you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, or How to Get Away With Murder, this book provides the reader with both fascinating and interesting tidbits  of insight into the psyche of this creative force of nature. At some points, this professed introverts shedding light on her life almost makes the reader feel like they are intruding and that makes the reader respect (even treasure) the gift she is giving you within its covers.

Without revealing too much, The Year of Yes begins when her sister mutters six words under breath:

You never say yes to anything. From that point, Rhimes walks the reader through the impact of those words and all she must overcome to begin to say ‘yes.’ She tells the tale of a lying introvert (this will make more sense after reading) who says ‘yes’ to meeting the President of the United
States, to appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, and ‘yes’ in some more personal and private ways. In many ways the tale is honest, sobering and sometime humorous. Rhimes simply wants to do
better, be better.


The Year of Yes will probably be heralded as a “Self-Help” book, but arguably it’s just an opportunity for Rhimes to publicly purge, declare her victory, and celebrate her success. The best part is it’s not preachy like so many books of this type where the author, because of their success, proclaims to be a guru of sorts and gives the reader a sense that if they do not learn from the writers errors, the reader will never be successful, nor is it a guidebook that gives the reader a step-by-step process for improvement. The Year of Yes is simply an account of an incident that sends the writer on a different avenue in her life’s journey

Rhimes’ openness is the reader’s gain.


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