There are still some artists left who do it for love, whose voices speak to so many because they take the time to listen. Unbound by conventions of beauty and being, Saddi Khali is one such artist.

Khali’s faithful walk from writer to producer and image evangelist is marked by trials and transience. Displaced overnight by Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans native returned unsheltered and untethered to his beloved community of 30 years. Khali lost a lifetime of artifacts and keepsakes, departing with bare means, memories and a budding love for photography. For Khali’s new work to signify reframing one’s narrative, he first reframed his own, repurposing his circumstance to a calling. Khali soon found beauty in losing everything, in letting go, in coming to the realization that in spite of all this… “I’m okay.” His ascension is not a portrait of loss, but a portrait of faith and faith’s labors.

(Information taken from Saddi’s website www.SaddiKhaliPhoto.com)



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