Romacio Fulcher was born and raised in Oakland California. After graduating from High School, he moved to Sacramento California to attend Sacramento State University. After one year of college, he left to pursue a career in the mortgage real-estate industry, where he quickly went on to become the President of his own very successful company. Under Mr. Fulcher’s leadership, his company generated millions of dollars making him a millionaire by the age of 24. Mr. Fulcher transitioned out of real-estate into the “network marketing/direct sales industry.” Now at 39, it is no surprise that he leads the field in this industry, having made several million and achieved financial freedom.

Mr. Fulcher travels the world teaching principals of wealth and building his wealth throughWor(l)d Global Network, where he achieved the rank of “Double President” in his first week. According to Business for Home Magazine: “A Double President brings in over $500,000 USD revenue in just a week’s period and amazingly Romacio did this his first week with a BRAND NEW group of people. He did not bring a team with him.” He is considered by many a “success coach” as well as a mentor. His passion is to help and give back. 

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