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Welcome to this month’s destination issue: Mexico!

With everything occurring in the political environment, we thought we’d take a moment to shine a light on not only the bright lights and tourist destinations in Mexico but on how our history and cultures are interconnected.

So if you’re here for the tourist info, then peep Lia Miller’s article about Mexico’s hidden gems. The 4 Destinations she offers up in this article will make you want to go deeper and explore more of what Mexico has to offer. You may also want to see our article, The Diversity of Mexican Folk Dance | From The Polka to The Mexican Hat Dance. Mexican Folk Dancing has a long and rich tradition and is diverse across all Mexico. You’ll want to know more about how you can see a show! Now you cannot have dancing without music so we have also covered the 10 Hip-Hop Artists that are changing the game in Latin America. Get into it! You may find something interesting.

But let’s go deeper…

In true Griots Republic form, we’ve researched and covered the history of Africa’s legacy in Mexico, while touching on the topic of Black Mexicans, the forgotten people and the confusion surrounding their status in Mexico. You’ll read about Anglos and Tejanos, Maroons and Gaspar Yanga, and hopefully, you’ll gain some understanding of how our cultures are similar and different and how we’ve gotten to where we are now as countries. Take a guess though… Colonialism.

Now we could not pass through Mexico without talking about their exquisite food. It is basically “The Whole Enchilada Rolled Into One.” So dig into that article soon.

Now there’s plenty more in this issue. So please be sure to share your thoughts with us on our website and social media handles – see you soon!

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