May 2019

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Hello all!

We’re so excited to present to you our next four issues. When planning this year’s content, we decided to tackle The Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. We are kicking off our Fire theme in this May issue and boy is it hot! Get it?! (Just play along and prepare yourself for a multitude of fire references now.)

Fire is a universal tool; however, you may be surprised at how entrenched its use and symbolism is in some cultures. Check out articles on the Fire Festivals in Korea and learn about Zoroastrianism in Azerbaijan to get a better idea of how global societies bring the heat. (Get it?)

While you’re reading about fire’s symbolism, you may want to read about some of its more practical uses. The article on Delicias del Sol Restaurant in Chile will hopefully have you looking into a solar oven of your own. Or you may want to put it on your bucket list as a must visit place. I’ve personally eaten there and can attest to the fact that the entire experience, as well as the food, is superb. It’s lit (Get it?) The area is also beautiful and definitely is in my top 5 places to revisit over and over. If Chile isn’t on your bucket list, then perhaps Jamaica’s hot springs are. We’ve covered that as well.

As usual, we like to incorporate articles about Black History in each issue and this month is no different. “Negroes With Guns| The Untold History of Black NRA Gun Clubs and the Civil Rights Movement” is a must-read. Regardless of which side of the gun argument you’re on, you can appreciate the historical need for African American families to arm themselves. It may even change your perspective on such a heated (Get it?) issues.

With all of this said, we’ve also packed a lot of helpful information for travelers worried about their health and wealth. So please, settle in, get comfy, dig in and have a blast! (Get it?)