June 2019

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Come on in! The water is warm.

In our last Elements issue, we conquered fire. Now we’re moving on to Water. From diving and yachting to island hopping and cultural uses of water, we’re exploring all ways we utilize and celebrate Earth’s largest commodity.

If you’re a sports lover, then you’ll definitely want to check out Lia Miller’s article on White Water Rafting and why you need to try it. In the story, she clocks the top five destinations you may want to start your rafting career. If rafting isn’t your thing, then perhaps getting an open water certification is. You may then enjoy seeing some of the underground cities that litter the ocean’s floor. If that’s the case, then Yandeh Muhammed’s piece on Real Life Atlantis spots is where you need to dig in.

Of course, sports aren’t everything! Conservation, sustainability and culture always import too. The piece entitled “Why is water sacred to Native Americans? is a fantastic article on how water affects different cultures here in the U.S and can often become a war cry for civil rights protest. This is a must read!

There’s a lot in the issue, but instead of pointing out where to go, I’d love for you to dive in and get lost in the possibility of water. When you come up for air, please drop us a line and let us know how you feel about our Water Issue.