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Welcome to our Global Religion Issue!

As a certified preacher’s kids, I find that spirituality and religion are some of the trickier subjects that I tackle each year. As I travel and see, hear and meet new people, I always end up with more questions than answers in regards to my own faith. There are so many ways in which people around the world lift up the name of God and so many ideas regarding religion and how it is or isn’t practiced and frankly, many of these ideas lie in harmony in what I have grown up understanding about spirituality, while others directly contradict.

Honestly, along the way, I’ve adopted and disregarded quite a few of my own back home lessons and this can create a lot of friction at home. Why? Because I find it difficult to explain feelings to someone who wasn’t there to experience them with me. I find it impossible to change someone’s mind who’s closed or who doesn’t question anything. So I don’t. I am not a proselytizer. I have no interest in converting anyone to anything and I’m content to let you walk your own path. I am, however, an explorer and in many ways, an educator and this is what this issue is all about – exploring all the ways folks praise and educating Black folks on alternatives. Whether you ask questions from here is on you.

So let’s go!