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As we roam this beautiful earth, we often get the chance to see the environmental impact of global warming, waste and numerous other detriments to global health. Reading about it is one thing; however, seeing it is another and travelers see it first hand. Personally, I’ve walked down dry riverbeds in Panama, seen homes abandoned due to the rising tide in Palau, and have experienced enough human waste in cities and waterways from Indonesia to the United States to make me nauseous. Of course, for every downside, there is an upside. In this case, the upside is all of the people across the globe pitching in to change things.

In this issue, we’ve brought together the problems and the problem solvers. Marcus Samuelsson and Derek Kayongo are just a couple of the problem solvers you’ll want to read about in this issue of Griots Republic. We’ve also covered a few of the eco locations where you can go and enjoy yourself. Ultimately, this issue is for the tree hugger in you, but it’s the holidays so of course, we’ve covered that too.