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August 2018

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In this issue of Griots Republic, we explore global aphrodisiacs. We will take a stroll to Jamaica for the taste of their famous cow cod soup. We’ll discover pomegranates in Iran and sip on tigernut milk from across the globe. We’ll even spend the weekend in Aphrodisias, Turkey, the UNESCO site heralded as Aphrodite’s home. This issue is packed with travel finds and information you may not know about. From cooking with menses blood to traveling to Bhutan, we may shock you in this issue.
Of course, we want to introduce readers to the world of Black Travelers. So be sure to check out our featured blogger of the month, Beenaroundtheglobe.com, and catch up with our Black expat, Kimberley West of  Global Gastronome.
So dive in and check us out as this issue will pleasantly surprise you! Welcome to our August Issue Aphrodisiacs!