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Welcome to Holland!

With every destination issue, we strive to connect our readers to the people and places that speak to who they are both historically and ethnically – that’s our target. With that in mind, it absolutely did not escape us that while in Amsterdam interviewing Jennifer Tosch of Black Heritage Tours, artist Patricia Kaersenhout, and Miguel Heilbron of The Black Archives, all three mentioned the necessity of “completing the story.” Jennifer Tosch, specifically, referenced Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk on the danger of a single narrative and we may have actually squealed off camera! They get it too!

In this issue, we went deep down the internet rabbit hole and literally found the only Black Reformed Theologian we’ve EVER met, Dr. Eric M. Washington. Definitely, check out his article on the Reformed Church and its impact on Black Folks in the Americas. We also hooked up with the Blogger of the Month from Holland, Dana Saxon of Black Girl Gone. She won our hearts with one simple statement: “a whole bunch of us are out here getting gone from somewhere, trying to make it work.” She gets it too!