MAY 2016 – ISSUE 05 – HAITI

Daughter of a Haitian industrialist and art lover, and of a French mother, heiress to a 200 years old family tannery, Pascale Théard grew up in Port-au-Prince, surrounded by the rhythm of drums, the crisp sound of leather being cut, the artisans’ laughter resonating in the air and merging with it. Smells, colors, sounds and raw materials have nurtured her childhood and have drawn for her, as accurately as Vèvès designed with lime on the floor, a powerful identity, between tradition and creation. It is, therefore, fully aware of what she has received from her native Haiti that she traveled to Paris with the idea, still vague, of a meaningful return…

In 2003 she launched her own brand of leather accessories, “Pascale Théard Créations” whose logo is a Vèvè, supreme emblem made voodoo art … Never before had this fundamental element of the Haitian identity been used commercially. By this choice, she fully assumes something non-negotiable: Haiti is voodoo and so is the contrary!

Riding the success of her first launch, she continued her brand of 100% Haiti luxury goods by creating a line of home goods, “Design 1804.”

To Learn More About Pascale and her Products, Visit www.pascaletheardcreations.com.


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