Maxim Thuriere is a 24 year-old creative director based in South Florida. Born from a Haitian mother and French father, you can see the influence of both cultures in his work. Vibrant yet minimal, the designs of his “conscious wooden works” are truly original while supporting a great cause. Carried by a holistic and natural lifestyle, his pieces are a reflection of his life and cultural experiences through travel at a very young age. Maxim, a multicultural renegade says he “refuses to be labeled by any one ethnicity.” Stating that “pledging allegiance to any one race, group, or country would be disgraceful to either my mother or father, both of whom played equal importance into the person that I am today. With that being said I know the importance of being in touch with your roots and your origins. When you truly start to understand who you are as a person and where you come from then the path to where you are heading becomes clear.

IMG: Maxim. All Rights Reserved.

Maxim started his wooden jewelry and accessory line while completing a bachelors degree in bio-medical sciences at USF in hopes of pursuing a career in holistic medicine. In order to separate himself from other retailers, he implemented a social responsibility within his business for an overall greater good. “Our pieces promote a natural and holistic lifestyle all while encouraging a younger generation to get in touch with their roots, which I think is important for any young minority or multi-cultured individual growing up in a different culture. However, I wanted to do more than just spread a message. I wanted to actually get involved personally and get my hands dirty. Something physical and worthwhile. That’s when I began our initiative with the Haiti Tree Project. It made perfect sense to me since all our products were already made of wood, why not contribute to the reforestation efforts of Haiti’s natural Rain-forests.” One-year later, the company raised enough money to plant 10,000 tress on protected watershed land in the South of Haiti.

As growing popularity began to surround his enterprise via social media and word of mouth, he began to see the support of popular Caribbean artists from Chronixx, Popcaan, Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid, Dre Island, Machel Montano, Kes The Band and many more.  He states that “implementing a social responsibility is one of the greatest things I could of done as an entrepreneur. Not because its marketable or the right thing to do, but because on days when you work 20 hours straight and are still not confident in your craft, or when you work through the night trying to prepare for a show, or miss out on birthdays and social events, you have to some sort of purpose which drives you and keeps you sane, and that’s what it was for me. A reason, a greater good.

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