If you like reggae and wine, you will be sure to love Linganore Winery’s signature Lignaroeevent aptly named the Reggae, Wine, Music & Art Festival. Held tri-annually (Spring/Summer/Fall), this celebration of good vibes will take place over two fun-filled days on October 8th and 9th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If the fall edition is anything like the summer event that Griots Republic attended on July 16th & 17th, you are guaranteed a good time minus the scorching temperatures. Live reggae music coupled with food By Brian Blake

OCTOBER 8th & 9th and wine always present a great time; as the undertone of the bass guitar to the chords of the piano and the beat of the drum will always connect you to the natural mystic, flowing through the air. Linganore also provides guests with complimentary tours and tastings; learn about the process of turning a small yet powerful fruit into a variety of tastes from merlot (a dry, full bodied red wine) to dessert wines (sweeter & fruitier). The wine at Linganore is sweet and fruitful and has enough bite for you to relax and enjoy the music. In addition to the reggae and wine, there are a variety of vendors to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. From arts & crafts, paintings, clothing, jewelry and good eats; there is something for everyone. Remember it doesn’t cost you to take a look as you may be surprised what your eyes behold.

The food is delicious and essential as your body will need a dampening agent from all the wine you drink. From jerk chicken to seafood to barbeque and many offerings to satisfy a sweet tooth- you are sure to obtain a belly full! With that said, if you are in or around the area or want to plan a local getaway, then Linganore’s Fall Reggae Wine Festival is a must.


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