Libryia is the type person who will look at the price tag on a designer handbag or a pair of shoes and think “Man I could get a plane ticket to Istanbul for that”. Libryia checks  google flights before emails, her friends and co-workers don’t ask  what she did over the weekend, they ask she where she went. Libryia keeps a carry-on packed with travel essentials ready to go at all times. In between landings and take-offs, she’s a single Soccer Mom, and an IT Project Manager, who loves cooking and doing DIY decor projects at home.

Over the last two years, Libryia became increasingly passionate about travel, which lead her to create a solution for a location independent lifestyle.  My Wander Year is a curated Digital Nomad Program, spanning one calendar year of  Global Travel. “My Wander Year is not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle.  We are facilitating a Lifestyle for people who want to live abroad, but do not want to do it alone.”  Libryia has cultivated a community of 30+ people who will live in a different country every three months. The inaugural journey takes off in July of 2016.

Bio taken from press kit. For more information, visit mywanderyear.com









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