If you’re a shopper like I am, then this article is for you. I LOVE to shop. I LOVE to travel. I LOVE to shop while I’m traveling. In particular, for things that are special to the place I’m visiting. My first time visiting Belize was in 2012. I stayed on Ambergris Caye aka San Pedo Island or “La Isla Bonita” (yes, this is the island Madonna was singing about). I went shopping (of course!) and came back with some pretty cool items that I still have and admire to this day. This second time around, I discovered a couple of new things and well…..you wanna hear it, here it go!


I make it a point to get at least one painting (it always ends up being at least three to five- lol) from a local artist wherever I travel. Belize houses some very talented painters, and you can find many artworks showing various aspects of Belizean cultural as well as paintings depicting ancient Mayan esoteric culture.

IMG: Four Chamber Tomb of Caana Photog: Dennis Jarvis|Flickr Creative Commons


Belize it or not, (Ha! See what I just did there?) the country is famous for its rum cake. Pretty much all the Caribbean countries have their versions of their “famous” rum cake. Belize is no exception and can hold their own in a rum cake taste test. Get you some!

IMG: Coconut Chocolate Pecan Rum Cake Photog: Brian Malmstrom|Flickr Creative Commons


Baaabeeee, when I tell you this little old lady’s hot sauce, is straight FIYAH! You betta Belize it! (I couldn’t help myself) You can’t go into ANY restaurant, grocery store or home in Belize without seeing Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. And when you pair one of her many variations of hot sauce with one of her sweet, fruity jams…..next level goodness! Fortunately for you, she sells her products at various online outlets so no need to hop a plane to get it. Although, it’s pretty special to get it right from her factory and you may even get the pleasure of meeting her in person as we did!

IMG: Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce Photog: Antti T. Nissinen|Flickr Creative Commons


You can find beautifully made wood carvings – from bowls, boxes for keepsakes, masks to even furniture – all made from exotic rainforest hardwoods found in the Belizean jungles.

IMG: Bowl Photog: Jeff Amann|Flickr Creative Commons


The cashew nut is attached to the cashew apple which is edible and delicious! The wine is made from the fermented fruit and is equally tasty. Belize has an array of exotic fruit wines to get you nice and right. Try ‘em all!

IMG: Cashew Fruit Photog: abcdz2000|Flickr Creative Commons

This is just a short list of the awesome souvenirs you can find in Belize. Everyone has their own tastes, likes, and dislikes. The best way to find something to your liking is to hop on a plane and go for a visit. You may discover something new and special to write home about.





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