I know what you’re thinking…who in their right mind would travel across the world just to start practicing a plant-based diet?

In the face of climate change and conscious, sustainable living choices, tons of travelers are ditching their meat-eating lifestyles and going on trips and tours completely centered around vegan food and living. It’s unbelievable but a great alternative for those especially that are interested in not only eating meatless but for many travelers that are focused on animal cruelty-free trips. A big thing that I personally think about when I am traveling is how much food that I’ll be eating while being outside of my normal workout schedule and no matter how clean I try to eat when I do travel – my normal dietary attitudes go out of the window for the sake of traveling and trying to make the best of my trips but consuming whatever I can for the sake of trying food.

There are many countries that practice veganism be it due to cultural or religious beliefs and these countries can very often attract many food adventurers looking for a new experience.

Known as an extremely friendly country towards vegans – if we really take a look at Taiwan it truly is a great place for vegans to travel to for their food trips! A quick fix for that craving is a great dim sum buffet run to grab some fresh dumplings filled with vegetables and most of the dumplings have no egg ingredients so this is the perfect place to go! In the country itself, 13% of the individuals are vegan due to its Buddhist beliefs which means that it will be pretty easy to find a great vegan spot just for you!

Although Thailand is one of those countries known for its amazing street food selection, it is still also a Buddhist country. When ordering at a restaurant and specifying that you are “gin jay” or vegan, you can get a great selection of dishes catered to exactly what you need! Not to worry that you will miss out on any of the flavors found in the meat dishes – Thai food with or without meat is full of robust and diverse flavors. Many restaurants that are located around the Buddhists temples will most likely cater to vegan diets as well.

There are many tours and cruises catered directly to travelers with the goal of vegan diets and lifestyles that go to amazing locations far off the beaten path. Vegan Travel offers various cruises like peaceful trips down the Mekong River to exploring the mountainous fjords in Patagonia and Chile! With food catered especially to the needs of a vegan, these cruises are the perfect way to visit places that generally are heavy meat-eating countries without compromising on your dietary restrictions. It’s also a great way to see the natural environments up close that many vegans that are extremely passionate about animal welfare strive to protect. What could be better than that?

A great tip for vegan travellers that can really help to take your travel goals to the next level is an amazing application called Happy Cow which is a virtual restaurant guide where you can choose if you are looking for vegan or vegetarian options and look through many of the reviews for what is the perfect restaurant choice no matter what city you are in! It also lists many vegan-friendly businesses like supermarkets, juice bars, health food shops, vegan catering options and more!

Now for those meat loving travellers that aren’t completely on board to just hop on meatless cruise to Patagonia – if you aren’t the type looking to have a complete diet change to a vegan diets while you travel to get the full range of foods possible for your palate – make sure you take a chance to try out the delicious vegan eats to offer! You never know what you may love and could be the perfect side dish to go with the rest of your plate!

With this trend of vegan travel – whether it is something that is a normal eating practice in a travelers home country or something that they simply want to try when they are traveling – when done properly it can give travelers a cleaner healthier diet to practice.


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