Enter a world where a mixture of Art, Culture, and African Heritage is nurtured and grown to full maturity for all the world to see.

Located southwest of Nairobi city center hosts a city by the name of Karen. The location was named after the Danish author of the film, “Out of Africa,” Karen Blixen.  In fact, the village is said to be built on the very farmlands owned by Blixen and depicted in the film.  It is documented that the developer of the land, converted it to residences and named this up and coming neighborhood after the writer.  Karen is purported to have seen one of the highest increase in property value over the last decade, boasting a diverse populace from near and far, including expats but there is more to Karen.

Karen is also a mecca for African Art.  The Karen Village Art Center is designed to allow the community and visitors to interact with the art community which is truly the heartbeat of African culture. It combines traditional art with modern and even graffiti.  The housing at Karen Village enables local artist and craftsman to show and sell their work and has become a destination hotspot for art lovers providing the patrons one of a kind pieces and the artists a global presence.

Karen village sponsors the performing arts and has created an open-air theatre in hopes to of producing material that captures the gifts and talent of the continent and presenting it for all the world to see.  The village reinvests in the art community by providing learning opportunities, allowing the artists to expand their skillsets and learn new crafts; essentially becoming an African art incubator. 

Recently, Karen Village announced their participation in an initiative called, “The GREAT African Caravan.” The Great African Caravan is a project that combines eight artists from India, Switzerland, Kosovo, Germany, Uganda, and England and takes them on a 6-month journey through 12 countries in Africa.

In order to facilitate conversation and community through art, “the artists will collaborate with local communities and grassroots organizations to create artwork on gender, race, war and peace, borders, human rights and environment.” The project will be filmed and frankly, we can’t wait to see the results.


For more information on events and details about Karen Village, visit them online at karen-village.com.



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