Occasionally, I get the opportunity to take a few days and go visit surrounding countries. I’ve been in the middle east now for roughly a year and as soon as the opportunity to visit Jordan came up, I grabbed it. With only a few days, I grabbed my camera and tried to capture as much as possible. In the end, I only know one thing – I’ll be back. In the interim, I’ve learned quite a few things… Follow my lens as you journey with me through Jordan.

Smile For Me

The first thing you’ll notice about Jordanians are their smiles. I’m not certain if they are just happy people or if smiling is the standard greeting, but life reads well on the faces of Jordan’s citizens. Not “life” in terms of accumulating wealth and success, but life in terms of being settled and content.  

Mount Nebo

We learned about Mount Nebo as children in Sunday school. As an adult, however, it always amazes me to set foot on landmarks and on land that once seemed like a fairytale story.

Baptismal Site of Jesus

The top three “holiest” sites in Christianity are Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and here – the baptismal site of Jesus. It is here that John baptized Jesus and it is here that you’ll find believers seeking his face. This place feels heavy, like millions of people have come and left their burdens here. 

Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George

Also known as the “Map Church,” due to the 6th-century mosaics map of the Holy Land inlaid on its floor, the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George is opulent.  With its priceless pieces of art and gilded chandeliers setting the stage for the sermon, I cannot imagine anyone ever shouted in this church.


Petra is a bucket list destination, period! A photographer could spend two days there and still not be fully capture everything they saw with their naked eye. The light shifts throughout the day and along the trail leading into Petra and it casts changing shadows on pathways and buildings that feel almost alive. Stand in one spot too long and sunny shot can instantly grow cold. It’s magnificent.



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