Ilonka Elmont aka Killer Queen (born September 11, 1974) is a Dutch-Surinamese former professional kickboxer and seven-time World Champion in the Fly-Weight division (50.80 kg – 52.16 kg). Elmont was born in Paramaribo, Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. She is a technical all-round and skilled fighter with powerful kicks, knee strikes and clinching. With her unorthodox fighting style, she surprised many fighters and had a tendency to go head-to-head with her opponents. Her fighting record has 43 fights, with 40 wins (17 by TKO), 3 losses and 1 draw.Her sporting career in Thai boxing started when she first entered the Fighting Factory Carbin (FFC) gym, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lucien Carbin, former World Champion and currently one of the Worlds most respected and successful coaches, noticed her talent and challenged it to the max. The blend of passion, talent, and ambition he saw, combined with his training program, resulted in seven World Titles. Apart from her professional Thai boxing career, she has also deployed herself socially. Her interest in this sector has grown throughout the years which eventually resulted in the founding of the Ilonka Elmont Foundation (formerly Be Innovative Foundation). Developing and implementing (sports) development projects and the promotion of capacity strengthening programs for sports coaches has been one of her primary occupations.

During her sports career, she was approached by various organizations in the Netherlands to share her success story about the way to the top and how to stay there… the road to success. She did this by giving lectures, presentations, and speeches. Her experiences, passion and positive energy were important keys with which she is able to inspire the audience. She is characterized as a passionate, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and hard-working individual (a fighter- goal achiever) who likes challenges. She approaches her work proactively and with a customized (personalized) appeal.


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