I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of St Lucia. My Son Omarion was born in the United States and this was his first visit to St Lucia. One of my favorite pastimes as a child was taking a shower outside. You’d grab a bar of soap open the standing pipe and indulge. There is a purity in this that makes me nostalgic about my childhood. It would rain and my friends and I
would all come running outside of our home and grab a soccer ball and start playing in the rain.

You don’t see that in the United States and I could not wait to experience it with my son. We had just returned from fishing in the ocean and I grabbed him, opened the pipe and watched him erupt in laughter and glee as the cold water hit his head. He enjoyed it and for a moment I saw myself as a boy in him. Something as simple as a shower outside captures the essence of growing up in St Lucia. It is the simple things in life that count and sharing that simplicity with my son was priceless.



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