My wife and I quit our jobs in July 2015 with hopes of being able to find income and sustain ourselves abroad until we were ready to come back to the states. We have been married for three years, have known each other over ten years, and have been traveling together for eight. Traveling was so embedded in our relationship that we decided to take the leap of faith and see if we can make it a permanent part of our lives.

We moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand first and have been here for six months. The food here is second to none. Thai food has a new place in my heart, but every now and then we want something that reminds us of home (Atlanta)

We came upon a restaurant called “Rustic and Blue” and they specialize in western cuisine. At first I was skeptical about whether a Thai restaurant could make chicken and waffles in a way that was comparable to Atlanta, but they did not disappoint. They added a Thai flare with the fruit and sriracha chili sauce and it all worked together perfectly. I’ve tried 5 items on their menu since and they haven’t had a miss yet.


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