Harlo Mayne is a full-time individual inventor for over 20 years and is a leading expert in the field of on-demand hydrogen technologies.

His most recent invention, the US patented “H2-Flex” a self-powered hydrogen generator that creates 100% hydrogen gas with even the dirtiest of water. He has won a patent on a 12-piece Tri-Fold Oral Care Set and the Award-winning Cross-Action bristle toothbrush that Oral-B is marketing. Harlo was also successful in patented the first practical “Power Mop” to help senior citizens, the physical challenge, disable veteran, and kids do better cleaning with ease.

Recently, he has stepped up to the challenge of finding a clean and low-cost alternative to bulky, complex, and expensive fuel cell technologies, with a new hydrogen battery system that never needs to be recharged, for the entire transportation industry and stationary applications.

In 1986, he was awarded a United States Patent for the development of a Trifold Oral Hygiene Set.

In 2005, he was awarded allowance of United States Patent for the development of a “Power Mop” for cleaning floors.

In 2014, he was also awarded United States Patent for a new “Hydrogen Generator” that converts water into gas without an external power source.

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