“Eventually the girl you took for granted will take her love and give it to herself and someday someone better than you will love her in all the ways you couldn’t.”

New Brunswick, New Jersey native, Rueben Holmes may not be a household name yet, but he is certainly blazing a trail through social media and Instagram, in particular. Adopting the name R.H. Sin, Sin being the god of the moon, his calling card across IG has not been photos of himself, but rather screenshots of his work created on his Mac. Nevertheless, the streets are watching, and people across social media have been debating the contents of this book on nearly every group where “Black folks meet.”

Holmes, who is rumored to be eclectic and must write 7,222 words a daily, is killing it on social media and has garnered nearly one million followers and ‘likes’ to date across platforms. As an independent publisher, his ability to garner followers has proven profitable. His newest work, I Hope This Reaches Her In Time, is Amazon’s #1 bestselling book in African American Poetry. This is an enormous feat that must be congratulated.

I Hope This Reaches Her In Time is a quick read, at 72 pages, but his exploration of relational peaks and valleys is a well-intentioned meaningful journey. Sin’s work is serious and is far too emotionally connected and relevant for it to be anything but genuine. The language is simple but well structured, and after reading each piece, you are forced to stop and think, if only for a moment. For the men, it provides some inspired insight obviously born from experience and for women, a voice (albeit male). How could he not have thousands of female followers with verses like: “You’re too good for someone who isn’t sure about you.”

Sin has managed to tap into the heart of the matter and pours it out for all to see and feel. The challenge? Read I Hope This Reaches Her In Time and not feel a tinge of guilt, empathy, or sympathy (or all of the above), for out of Sin pours truth, hope, and healing.

Griots Republic gives I Hope This Reaches Her In Time 3.5 stamps.


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