“Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying.”

The works of Nikki Giovanni’s emerged amidst the struggles and strife of the civil rights era and gave a poetic voice to the movement. Fast forward five decades and nearly 30 books later, her latest work is just as relevant as her first but this time with a twist of self-reflection.  A Good Cry: What We Learn From Our Tears and Laughter takes the reader on an introspective journey into the heart and mind of our healer and teacher.

A Good Cry, reveals that Giovanni’s journey through this life is not unlike so many of our own in that she has experienced the triumphs, pain, and turmoil of relationships even delving into her parents rocky (and at times violent) relationship. She walks us through her life and maturation and even speaks on her navigating the aging process. Additionally, she honors her elders and absent friends; reflecting on her relationship with her grandparents and the late great Maya Angelou to whom she was a dear friend.

The release of A Good Cry comes at an opportune moment in history as we are living in troubled, if not dire times across these United States and we are in desperate need of a word from our leaders. Some would think, this means our political and religious leaders, but in truth, writers, artists, and poets have always been the voices of our people. They reflect in spirit and truth the clearest emotions and images of those around us and of the world we live.  

A Good Cry is a great starting point for those who have never been exposed to Giovanni’s writing. Incredibly timely, this work is easy to understand and is accessible, and as expected, Giovanni’s poetry continues to morph and evolve as Nikki, the woman, does. Her pride in her people is ever-present, and readers, new and old can (and will) relate to A Good Cry. Readers will undoubtedly pick up this treasure, time and time again, for a touch of poetic genius that is sure to bring peace into the valley.

Griots Republic salutes Nikki Giovanni and her newest work,  A Good Cry: What We Learn From Our Tears and Laughter.


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