MAY 2016 – ISSUE 05 – HAITI

Gardy V. Guerrier, founder of Haiti Got it, a first generation Haitian American, is on a mission to show Haiti to the world as he sees it. A country with not only a footnote in history as the first black republic to gain its independence or the victim of a earthquake, but as a modern day wonderland of beautiful beaches, high mountains, and historical hidden treasures.

Gardy Guerrier, with a successful background as an image consultant, fashion columnist, event planner, philanthropist, and world traveler, has leveraged all his acquired skills into one goal, making Haiti the destination where dreams are made.

After the catastrophic 2010 magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck his ancestral homeland of Haiti, effecting an estimated three million people, Mr. Guerrier and other caring influencers banded together to produce a series of fundraisers across the United States for the aide and rebuilding of Haiti. As well as collaborating on the creation, production, and distribution of the “Haiti is Me” PSA to raise awareness and keep an attentive eye on the ongoing issues that effect Haiti outside of the earthquake from education, to infrastructure, and agricultural development.

To Learn More About Haiti Got It, Visit www.HaitiGotIt.com


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