Ask any cab driver, bell boy, police ofcer or any random person walking down the streets of Soup of the day GuinnessDublin, Ireland what is “a must do” while in the city and it is guaranteed most will say, “The Guinness Storehouse.”

The Storehouse, located on St. James Gate in Dublin proper, is truly a must see for visitors of the city, particularly if you are a lover of stout, historical sites, and authentic Irish cuisine. The Storehouse, the site of a 19th century brewery turned tourist attraction, was founded by Sir Arthur Guinness in 1759. Today, Guinness produces over 2.5 million pints of stout per day! Within its walls, visitors can learn how Guinness Stout is made, eat, drink, and make merriment.

Cover charge for entry to The Storehouse is 20 euro and includes a pint of its famous stout, which you can draft yourself after a brief tutorial. If you choose, you can simply sip it while enjoying a tour of the facility or save it and have it with your meal. It must be mentioned that you have never truly tasted Guinness Stout until you’ve tasted it in

picture 2Foodies who enjoy Caribbean style oxtail stew will be surprised…

Ireland on tap. There is a noticeable difference in the texture and taste. The picture 1bottled version available in the US, is noticeably thicker and has bitterness to it while the tapped version on the Isle is smoother, less bitter, and arguably lighter. Visitors are encouraged to take their included drink or purchase another reasonably priced one to the top floor in the Gravity Bar to enjoy the nearly 360 degree view of Dublin and the surrounding area. What makes The Gravity Bar remarkable is not just the view. It manages to look like a highend bar/club, feel like an Irish Pub, and is quite sexy all at the same time.

About the food…

On the ffth floor is a wonderful pub with live bands playing traditional Irish and modern music. There is stout aplenty and food that is not your typical tourist-type food. What you get is real good food. Real good…

The menus tout burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and a pretty good salmon. The meal of choice is Beef Stew prepared with Guinness Stout and served with mashed potatoes on top and (lest we forget) the best soda bread ever! Foodies who enjoy Caribbean style oxtail stew will be surprised how remarkably similar the two taste. What is there not to like? Paired with a pint or two (or three), this is certain to be one of the best meals you will have while in Dublin.



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