Interestingly enough, Sacred Sisters Soul Retreat for women of color was ignited by a male. Brother Tony as he is called pushed me to finally realize my dream of having retreats all over the world. As a Psychotherapist in the USA, I have always dreamed of having retreats around the world. I just never had the courage or the confidence to make it happen. I longed for the day to lead retreats. Since high school, I knew my mission was to help others. My friends always came to me for advice. I majored in Psychology and felt a calling to serve through retreats. Brother Tony would bring up the idea of me doing retreats several times and one day finally sat me down and said: “Now is the time!” He sparked the flame that fueled my confidence.

As a Tantric Therapist, Tony’s inciting my confidence is quite fitting as our practice believes that for anything significant to occur you need both: Shakti and Shiva energies. Shakti is the feminine aspect, which is creative energy and Shiva is the male aspect, which is the God Force and gives support of the Shakti creative energy. You see, both are needed. Brother Tony was the force behind my creativity.

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Everyone has Shakti and Shiva aspects of them, but one is usually stronger than the other. So this was the perfect beginning for the Sacred Sisters Soul Retreat which is based on spirituality, sexuality, and healing through the use of Tantra, Shamanism and ancient African Healing traditions.

Tantra means to loom or weave, to transform through methods. We see each human being as a reflection of the entire cosmos. We are all connected, such as the butterfly effect: When a butterfly flaps its wings in one country is causes a tsunami in another country.

By entering inside one’s being with a witnessing consciousness, all aspects of the mind, body, and emotions are revealed in their refined potential. This refined potential of every human being is divine. Therefore, in Tantra, the whole person is accepted as divine.

Tantra has to be lived to be truly understood. It is an art, a science, a spiritual path, as well as a lifestyle. It has roots going back to shamanic traditions and yoga. It is a path of expansion, embracing all facets of life. Tantra works with sexual energy as a route to higher consciousness as opposed to repressing that energy.

I later called in my sister Diane, who I have traveled with doing workshops in the USA and in South America. Together, along with Brother Tony, we formed the holy trinity.

With the three of us, we combine sacred sexuality, Tantra, and Shamanism with ancient African healing to help women cleanse, heal and connect with the love that is within. They do specific exercises to release trauma and blockages held within the body to create stronger and more intimate connections with themselves, loved ones and (potential) partners.

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life that is seen in indigenous and African tribes. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. Shamanism uses medicinal plants and herbs for healing. It is a method by which we can strengthen our natural connection to nature.

Further, participants engage in workshops to clear emotional blockages through processes that help them release trauma, pain or abuse that is stored within the body. The body has cellular memory, which stores pain and trauma not only from us but our ancestors as well.


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The next retreat in March 2018 will be an opportunity to renew, remember, and reconnect through a healing and transformative, mind, body, spirit and soul-awakening journey in beautiful Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. We will offer a cultural experience that will allow you to feel and explore the magic and mystique of Salvador, Brazil’s own little Africa during Holy Week, culminating in a full moon rebirthing ceremony leading into Easter morning.


Over the course of 7 days, we will dive into female sexuality which is the vital life force energy through daily Kemetic and Kundalini Yoga, active tantra meditations, Kemetic meditations and cosmology, chakra balancing, toning, and rebirthing. The participants will learn essential tools for female health such as ovarian breathing, Kegel exercises, and natural gynecology. Participants will also nourish their body with appetizing vegan meals, plenty of local tropical fruits and plenty of fresh coconut water.

Our exploration of Salvador, the blackest city in Brazil, will include visiting an Afro Brazilian Religious Center, receiving cleanses, seeing the Bale Folclorico da Bahia, participating and taking Afro Brazilian dance and relaxing on beautiful beaches during our free-time.

For more information on the retreat, check them out on Facebook or email the organizer at


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