Situated in the south of mainland Portugal, Algarve has the perfect weather, pleasing climate and amazing tourist attractions for boosting its tourism.

Many tourist and visitors simply love their holiday in Algarve because of the cuisine, seafood, fishing, and fruit plantations like almonds, oranges, figs, carob beans, etc. While this fruit production itself is a key activity of this Portugal region, there are many other things to see or do when holidaying in Algarve.

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Monchique Mountains

This tourist attraction offers breathtaking views for a great Algarve holiday. Foia peak at the top is around 3000 feet over sea level. Monchique does not just offer the stunning view but also has lovely craftwork, distillery, and cottage industry. Then there is also this popular spa water of Roman times.


Tourist and visitors looking for some family time together in their Algarve holiday can visit this tourist attraction. From swimming pools, golf course, pony rides, Crocodile Park and lots of other amazing rides for kids; this attraction is a must to visit when holidaying in Algarve.


When on a holiday in Algarve, Zoomarine acts a fun and entertainment filled Algarve attraction. Tourist and visitors on a holiday in Algarve with family and kids can find this educational and entertainment filled oceanography tourist attraction, a great way to enjoy and unwind. From seals, turtles, sharks, exotic birds, beautiful dolphins, crocodiles to sea lions, the park has so much to show.

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Algarve holiday also means lots of water and this fishing port is one part of it. This Algarve attraction brings lots of fisherman and their daily hard work in view. Tourist and visitors can also take a ride in boats to enjoy the sight of water or to simply see how these fishermen catch their prey. The town also brings an amazing fish market.

Lagos Zoo

With more than 250 variety of remarkable collection of animals, this Algarve attraction is surrounded with striking gardens and landscape. When on a holiday in Algarve taking a family trip to Lagos Zoo should be in your list of things to do.


This fair presents products of rural or commercial production from all over the land of Portugal and acts more or less like a carnival, with crowds of tourist and local visitors and national or local bands playing music.

Beer Festival

Silves Beer Festival is another wonderful festival that is crowded with tourist and visitors, on their holiday in this Portugal region.


Shopping for some of the best Portugal wine on your holiday in Algarve should not be missed. You can also take tours of marvelous wine shops or taste wine in their wine yard or winery.

IMG: ALGARVE. PortoBay Hotels & Resorts. Flickr. Creative Commons

Best time to visit or holiday in Algarve

With a perfectly pleasing climate to offer, Algarve can be visited anytime from spring, summer to winter. Winter, in spite of being low in tourism, finds many tourists lurking for some shopping and fun things to do. Algarve winters can be seen starting from mid-December and stay till mid march. But many tourists visit Algarve in summer or springtime for their experience, which is months of June-September.


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