The Seychelles islands are located off the East Coast of Africa. They are home to pristine beaches, delicious food, and fanciful resorts. The Seychelles are made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean and has plenty to offer anyone interested in visiting the exotic locale. I had the luxury of visiting the Seychelles a couple of years ago on a solo trip from my current expatriate home of Oman for a long weekend escape.

One of the things that I loved about the gorgeous islands is that it can be a getaway for a solo traveler, a romantic honeymoon destination for newlyweds or even a relaxing escape for a family. Below is my guide to things to do, places to see and resorts to stay at if you desire to visit the splendid Seychelles.

Day 1 – Relax at a Luxurious Resort

During my time in the Seychelles, I stayed at the Avani Seychelles Resort which was located right in the center of the big island. After my journey, I decided to just lounge a bit at the luxurious resort featuring rooms ranging from beach access to garden and ocean views. Avani and other resorts in the area feature long stretches of white sandy beaches, fine dining options, family friendly pools and even a relaxing spa.

Additional, there are family-friendly activities including games available on the beach like football, tennis, and volleyball. Parents can enjoy a romantic horseback ride on the beach and then a picnic with the kids afterward if they desire.

IMG: AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa


Day 2- Take a Day Trip Island Hopping to the West Coast of Praslin & La Digue

I recommend doing a day tour island hopping to Praslin and La Digue islands. Fortunately, most resorts offer tours, such as the one I took through the Avani Seychelles resort. Praslin is the second largest island covered with beautiful mountains and a forest setting which is typically seen on postcards to represent the Seychelles islands.

After spending some time at Praslin, take a ferry over to La Digue Island which is host to Anse Source d’Argent, the most photographed beach in the world with stunning granite rock scenery. There are seven ferries daily, with the ride taking just 15 minutes and costing around 20 USD. The crystal blue waters at Anse Source D’Argent are absolutely breathtaking, with amazing views of fish swimming even without snorkeling gear! At an entrance fee of 100 SCR (around USD 7) to visit L’Union Estate near the beach, you can explore their park and museum, where you can view the old coconut mills and giant turtles.

Day 3 – Tour through Vallee de Mai – aka – the “Garden of Eden” 

A visit to the Seychelles would be incomplete without a visit to the Vallee de Mai, more commonly referred to as the Garden of Eden. It is located in the heart of Praslin island and is a 19.5 ha area of palm forest which remains mostly unchanged since prehistoric times. It is most famous for the interestingly shaped coco de mer palm and is one of only two places in the world where the palm grows. Additionally, the massive forest is also home to five other endemic palms and many endemic fauna species.

I absolutely loved walking through the park with my very knowledgeable guide who was assigned to us upon entry. The park also boasts a host of wildlife, including birds such as the rare Seychelles black parrot, mammals, snails, and even reptiles. The forest is breathtakingly beautiful and a perfect activity for a family interested in learning more about the idyllic history of the Seychelles. There are free guided visits at 9 AM and 2 PM, which take you on one of the several hiking paths in the park.

IMG: Silhouette Island/Maje Island. David Stanley. Flickr. Creative Commons.

Day 4 – Take a Day Trip to Mahe Island

Mahe is the main island of the Seychelles and home to the capital city Victoria. Victoria is home to the Seychelles Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Codevar Craft Centre, which are great activities for family fun on the largest island in the Seychelles. Victoria is the nation’s business and cultural hub. You can’t miss taking in the beauty of the Victoria clock tower, as well as the local arts scene showcasing dynamic art galleries.

Whether you desire a romantic getaway for two or a family friendly destination, the Seychelles has so much to offer. So consider a visit to the more commonly known “ land of perpetual summer.”



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