On October 28, 2016 the long awaited album, Boundless by Damien Escobar will be released to a fanfare not seen with previous projects. A culmination of various music types including R&B, dance and classical, his musical zenith is proof of the power of personal evolution and determination in the face of adversity. Led by the up-tempo, dance track, Get Up And Dance, Boundless was created as a means of escape for Escobar who grew up entrenched within the musical landscape having started playing the violin at the age of 8. After nearly a decade of a successful career as a professional violinist, Escobar found himself at the lowest point in his life in late 2012. The man who traveled around the world performing for dignitaries and millions of fans found himself homeless sleeping from couch to couch before ending up at his childhood home in Jamaica, Queens. Yet like the phoenix, Escobar rose from the ashes with this newest musical work of art being his crowning glory.

Today Damien, once a self-proclaimed retired artist is now back to being one of the world’s top violinist. The people have taken note, but so have the media – the gatekeepers of information, with major features in People Magazine, Huffington post, CNN, The NY Daily News and Chicago Tribune to name a select few. The star also found his way on both local and national television opportunities including WETV’s “David Tutera’s: Unveiled, Fox News, The Hallmark Channel, The Katie Couric Show, Empire Live , NBC, CBS and ABC. Damien has also headlined various high tier performances including Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want Tour, Revolt TV’s Global SPIN Awards, CBS Upfront Presentation, Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef Awards, Indy Car Championship Awards, Major League Baseball MVP Honors Gala, Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Inaugural Ball, Governor Tom Wolf’s Inaugural Ball, and corporate concerts for FRIDAYS, Walmart, Target, and more.

Unpretentious yet confident, Damien makes no secret of the determination necessary to gain the recognition he has obtained while becoming one of the few commercially successful mainstream violinists. Damien Escobar is a musical pioneer dominating an industry that’s ready for change. The future of the music industry rests in his hands – and his sights are Boundless.

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