Saturday mornings on the corner of Balistraat and Sumatrastraat in Amsterdam, you can find friends congregating, nodding their heads to Badu and reminiscing about the party the night before, while ripping into a plate of golden waffles and chicken. Welcome to Eastside.

Eastside is a New York style bistro in Holland that is black owned. Yes, you are reading this correctly, the restaurant is owned by blacks folks of Surinamese descent and it specializes in American brunch and cocktails.


Finding the restaurant wasn’t that difficult. In fact, this cozy restaurant is situated in Zeeburg (a borough of Amsterdam-Oost) and appears to be frequented by the locals. Walking into the restaurant we were greeted with a warm smile from the hostess and a familiar tune, Sorry Ms. Jackson… I am for real. Though the restaurant is small and neatly appointed screaming eclectic Brooklyn hipster, we decided to sit outside because the weather was exquisite and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to people watch. Sitting out front, drinking mint infused water, with the smell of sticky sweet syrup lingering in the air instantly took me back to my early college days at South Carolina State University breaking bread with friends.

The menu was simple and offered typical American breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage), chicken and waffles, hot wings, and bbq pork spare ribs. I was eager to try the chicken and waffles since I wanted to see if these folks knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, the chicken was breaded fried chicken thighs and the waffles were a bit over done for my taste and needless to say I wouldn’t order it again. But don’t let that detour you from going to visit this neighborhood restaurant. We also ordered the Tacooo, which included two beef tacos with pickled cabbage, avocado, black beans, scrambled eggs with salsa, caso fresco, and cheese on the side – ON POINT! The meat was well prepared and it melted in my mouth with every bite.

Overall, I would go back again for the ambiance and try other items on the menu. I tend to be forgiving and willing to go revisit an eatery when I have a hit and miss. For those planning on visiting this eatery, I’d suggest ordering quite a few different things amongst your friends and do a tasting.


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