World artist and musician Maria Concepcion Buika, recently released her newest project entitled Para Mi, and will soon embark on a world tour with upcoming stops in Portugal, Mexico, and Spain. Griots Republic got the chance to catch up with her while she was on break in Miami, Florida.


GR: Tell us how you got involved in music?

Music was always playing in the house thanks to my mother. My mother was raised in an African tribe (Bubi Tribe) and with that, I was always being exposed to various music styles.

GR: Who are some of your musical influences?  

I consider the jazz artists my inspirers of hope. Charlie Parker, Dinah Washington, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald have been very inspirational to me and my music. I studied the musical solos of these artists and that is what I am trying to capture in my music. Also, I play bass guitar, drums, and I am studying the saxophone.


GR: What does it mean to you be a “World Artist”?

I consider myself to be a missionary to the music and that is very important to me. I am a soldier because I am for the people (fans) and I want to stay close to the people. This world is surrounded by fear and music can be definitely an agent of change. People think hate is real, but by me traveling around the world, this is simply not true. Do you believe that Russians wake up thinking I am going to hate the Americans, the same with Whites and Blacks and etc?  Around this world, my experience has been, that people have other things they are worried about than hate. People are more concerned with working hard and make a better life for their families. These hate beliefs are simply not true.

“People think hate is real, but by me traveling around the world, this is simply not true.”

buika singer

GR: What are some of the favorite places you have traveled to? 

If you are able, you need to travel to the many places within Africa– for example Senegal, Kenya, Madagascar to name a few. I have also enjoyed traveling to Siberia, Oymyakon, Russia (known to be the coldest city in the world). Traveling to that city in Russia put my life, and what I have to worry about, in a whole new perspective.

GR: Can you tell me about your new album Para Mi, and what was your inspiration behind it?  

This album represents my no fears and no filters period. I consider this to be my nasty period in my musical career. I went into this album flipping everything upside down and turning everything around. In today’s music scene, you are capable to do everything now and free to try anything. If you want to be a reggae artist, go and do it, if you want to focus on flamenco music, you can go and do that. This is what I wanted to reflect in my album, and that this is my new reality for my music.

GR: Thank you for your time today, as we wrap up this interview, could you give me 3 words or phrases that best describe Buika?

Thank you, my brother. Well, for me it’s going to be, no discretion, not being afraid of humanity and the last one may turn heads, but it has to be said. The last one would have to be that I don’t recognize the guilt, but I will recognize the responsibility.


Get the latest on Buika’s music and poetry as well as upcoming world tour dates on her official website



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