How long does it take you to plan a trip?

In 2015, Expedia found that consumers visit on average 38 websites before booking a trip. A study by Susan Ho found that, “The average vacation takes around 10 to 20 hours to plan, and even more if you are traveling to an unfamiliar destination.” Travel has had a long existing information gap. From planning travel exclusively through travel agents to the use of the limitless amount of information on the internet, we have moved from one extreme to the other, leaving many aspiring travelers feeling hopeless, confused, and powerless.

Throughout her extensive travels, 24-year-old Nigerian-American Damilola (Lola) Olatayo noticed this information gap. Her experience as a management consultant, data analyst, and full-stack web developer led her to ask the question: “What could it mean to the travel industry if all the research you need could be found in one place and customized to how you travel?” As a programmer, Lola drew inspiration from platforms like StackOverflow, CodePen and GitHub that have allowed the programming community to advance our work quicker together than we would have individually. The premise of these platforms is that we “crowdsource” or freely share information and empower each other with our knowledge. Lola questioned if this same radical transparency could be practiced in the travel community; if we could crowdsource information and share freely of our knowledge like programmers do, in a way that would require no monetary commitment from users. Lola challenged herself to create a platform that would facilitate this idea by creating StampedTribe.

The goal of StampedTribe is to create a community of travelers that freely share information and empower each other with knowledge. Lola recognized that people travel in many different ways and under varied circumstances. StampedTribe will accommodate all kinds of travelers–budget and ballin’, solo or in a group, with children or without. It will also be a diverse community, including people of color, disabled people, and the LGBT community. Being part of the StampedTribe community means connecting with people that travel like you to help plan your own trips and also sharing your experiences and itineraries in an effort to help others. In doing so, we create a “Travel Information Cycle.”

StampedTribe has many different features for a full user experience

Join the Community

StampedTribe invites guests to create a profile and introduce yourself to the community with a bio, where you have traveled, where you are from and other biographical details. Then, check out all the other members of StampedTribe. You will be able to connect with them through the social media apps they have connected and ask questions or connect about your travels.


Filter your preferences for potential itineraries to aid in your travel research. You can filter for different budgets, various types of experiences, countries, regions, and more. Choose an itinerary that matches your preferences and happy reading! Start your search here.

City Guides

StampedTribe city guides include a wide range of information crowdsourced from their StampedTribe Facebook group. StampedTribe prides themselves in the complete and detailed information they collect for their city guides. Check out the StampedTribe Paris City guide here.


StampedTribe loves bloggers! They feature stories from people of all walks of life and highlights the good and bad aspects of travel. Read this inspirational piece by StampedTribe member and solo traveler, Somto.

It’s Your Time

While StampedTribe is still in its introduction phase, its potential is clear. The travel industry is ready for a radical change and is waiting for the technology to catch up. Check out StampedTribe and become a member of their community by visiting


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