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sa·shay | saˈSHā/
VERB walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.
ORIGIN English mid-19th century

My name, Sachea, is what inspired the blog Sachea Around The World.  I have walked the earth with fearlessness, a bit of sass, a relentless wanderlust that fuels my passion for the never-ending love affair of destinations unknown.

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Here is my story… I went places, collected passport stamps, snapped a few pictures, I was the typical tourist, but I didn’t TRAVEL.

Rewind back in time to the year 2013, a planned girlfriend trip of 5 to Costa Rica eventually dwindled to 1, just me. Me, the woman who wouldn’t dare go to the movies alone, let alone a foreign country, was left with two options (1) cancel and reschedule when my friends can go or (2) Go alone. After consulting a few friends and my parents, all with varied, strong opinions as to why I should or shouldn’t do it. This time, I went with my heart and chose option 2.

Then my mind started to race.

From the irrational – What if I’m kidnapped and held for ransom?  Would President Obama negotiate with terrorists for my return? What if I’m locked up abroad? To the rational – will my two years of high school Spanish be enough to get by? Will I stick out like a sore thumb, being a solo woman, being a solo woman of color, being a solo woman of color who speaks limited Spanish? What will I do to keep myself busy? Who will take pictures of me?  Will I be lonely?

I threw caution to the wind, overpacked (as usual) and flew to Liberia, Costa Rica for six days. Those six days forever changed my life.


Four years later, I’ve gone through two passports and had yet to repeat a country. As I continue to embark on my travel journey which has not been easy, I had to find my voice which was barely above a whisper some years ago. Now this voice is loud, strong and confident. Confident enough to honestly tell other’s I’ve traveled wrong and to not make the same mistakes as I had. My loud voice is cheering and championing for novice travelers who need a little boost and motivation to take their first international trip. I can stand strong in a room full of Anthony Bourdain’s and Josh Gates’, eloquently chronicling my expeditions and not feel enamored with inadequateness.

With this newfound freedom, I have a new lease on my life. I’m coining myself the traveling risk taking adventure seeker. This to me doesn’t seem odd, but as I discuss my travel adventures, I’m met with shock and awe. Shocked that I would travel alone to Romania or in awe that I would pick Botswana as a destination. So, I return the shock and awe right back to them. There are millions of people like me. I surely cannot be the only one experiencing a fundamental shift in my path and must take where this road leads me head on. This road has led to many fascinating destinations abroad.

Although being far from home, there was a sense of familiarity when I’d meet other travelers in passing. Here we are a bit vulnerable, so we form this unspoken alliance determined to conquer this foreign land. Exchanging tips and Facebook information at the café which offers free Wi-Fi or by the local pub with promises to stay in touch and maybe we’d see each other on the different side of the world one day. I wasn’t alone; I knew there had to be an audience with whom I could connect.

I’m not an enigma, not a millennial influencer with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers; I’m simply me. Sachea, who walks to her own beat, sometimes in the wrong direction and not afraid to candidly give you my truth. This 40-year young single woman who decided the societal expectation for me was not going to be my “normal.” Normal to me is walking with a lion in Zambia, glamping in the middle of Chile’s Atacama Desert and snorkeling the Silfra in Iceland. These experiences cannot be defined, and there is no Webster’s Dictionary term for it, but I am determined to do so. I’ve made a choice that travel is not just getting on a plane; it’s my lifestyle.

I was born to Sachea Around The World!


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