Black Sisters Without Borders, BSWB, is an online travel community designed for women of color. Initially, BSWB was established to educate, enlighten and empower women of color to immerse themselves in the culture of international travel. It has since evolved into a network, where both travelers and black-owned women business owners, from all corners of the globe, in the field of travel and tourism, can come together and connect on a single platform.
What BSWB has done by creating this platform for travel professionals and those seeking travel opportunities is set the stage for individuals to engage at all levels with those who are the experts in the field of travel. We have a team of professionals assigned to BSWB who are expert travel curators and play an intricate part in ensuring each trip is carefully orchestrated to fulfill the needs of all participants. In addition to curating travel and leading intimate group empowerment trips, we also discuss important global topics that directly or indirectly affect us as women and particularly women of color. Our number one goal at BSWB is to empower women by presenting them with the essential tools to “Get Up, Get Out and Do Something” outside of their comfort zone in the name of travel.
When I was only five years old, I took my first solo international trip. My mother put me on an airplane from London to New York City. She sent me to live with her sister and her family, a family I had never met. To this day, I still remember every detail of that trip. Not a whole lot was explained to me prior to this trip to a new world with a new family I had never met. All I know was I had my Paddington bear in one hand and was waving goodbye to my mother with the other. Although I was only five, I still remember taking it all in and enjoying this new “adventure” to a foreign place. It was exciting, even at five years old. Now, as the founder of BSWB, I’m almost certain that that initial trip is what kick-started my desire to love all things travel. Since then, I have traveled, lived and worked in various parts of the world. I will be forever grateful for all of the many experiences from my travels. Those experiences and treasured memories both good and bad drove my desire to create BSWB.
By being forced out of my comfort zone from that first international solo trip at five years old to living and working in various countries abroad for 22 years, I was able to build a better understanding of this great world that we live in. The many experiences I have come to love from my travels have shaped and strengthened my character with the ability to not just accept what is before me but change it if I so desire. Through travel I was able to see and experience different cultures with different perspectives, learn different languages, and understand that the only borders and limitations that exist are the ones that we place on ourselves. I’m continuously striving to move past my comfort zone and at BSWB we want others to be empowered to do the same.
At BSWB we encourage each other to step out of the self-imposed borders that we construct unknowingly. It could be flying to another country solo, or just taking a road trip to the next state. As a travel community, we not only encourage individual travel and BSWB empowerment trips but we pride ourselves in ensuring those who want to travel are equipped with the necessary resources and the knowledge to succeed on their adventures. This, in turn, creates that desire to want to travel again and again thus knocking down those borders that keep us ignorant. It’s a beautiful thing to have space where women of color from all walks of life can come together both socially and professionally and share vast experiences, discuss important global topics and provide various perspectives and services surrounding travel.
In 2019 BSWB will be hosting a total of three international empowerment trips. We hope you will join us as we travel to London, Paris, and Singapore. Our empowerment trips are designed to not only be intimate and luxurious but most importantly incredibly inexpensive.

Who doesn’t love an affordable girls trip? We welcome all those who are interested in travel whether socially or professionally to join us at our online community on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.


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