Black Nudists: Embracing the Skin You’re in with The Black Naturists Association

Despite our oversexualized media, nude beaches are still considered taboo in America and one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they’re only for older white people and those with beach bodies to show it off.

If you Google “Black Nudists,” your first impression might be that they don’t exist, or that nude beaches are not open to Black people. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After visiting several nude beaches with some close friends, the idea of creating a space where we too could be represented and leave our bunprints’ footprints in the sand, grew more and more as we met other Black folks on the beach who were just as happy to see us as we were to see them. These experiences and the desire to change the narrative are what gave birth to Black Naturists Association. (B.N.A)

Photographer: Jakob Owens.

Who are we?

We are eight friends who love to travel and explore the world. Through our mutual love of travel and helping to expose friends and family to unique experiences that will broaden and challenge preconceived thoughts and notions of what’s acceptable within the black community. Black Naturists Association is an organization that advocates nudity through naturist environments and activities to help promote healthy body images and self-esteem for those in the Black community. BNA is for open-minded people who not only want to embrace the freedom of being nude and comfortable in their skin but most importantly, accept themselves and others however they might be.

Photographer: Jakob Owens

Despite our oversexualized media, nude beaches are still considered taboo in America, and one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they’re only for older white people and those with beach bodies to show it off. Whenever I hear this argument, it wakes up the geek in me, and I tend to compare it with the notion of heat and cold, there’s no such thing as cold energy—only lack of heat which creates cold temperatures. The same goes for light and darkness—lack of light creates darkness. All this to say, you want to see some young melanin glowing and bathing in the nude? YOU need to be IT!

We aim to serve the Black community as a source of information, education, discussion, and fellowship for like-minded people. BNA was formed to serve as a platform that encourages and brings together those who always wanted to experience nude beaches or clothing free environments, but could never find a community that made them feel comfortable enough to do so. Your first time at a nude beach or in a clothing-free environment, the first six seconds are usually the only awkward ones for most people; it’s the moment before you realize that this is us in our purely natural element. As a group, we welcome all: first timers, experienced nude-beach goers and your typical “I-hate-clothes” friend, yet one of the most important things for us is making sure that everybody feels comfortable to adjust to the environment at their own pace. People who were once shy about being nude, tend to be the ones to enjoy it the most–as it gives them the feeling of overcoming something they never thought they’d have the courage to do.

Now let’s be clear. Naturism is not about living a swinger lifestyle or even promoting sexual stimulation. It’s about embracing one’s self in a natural environment and being comfortable with who you are at that very moment. To create an environment that’s comfortable for all, most Nudist resorts and beaches actually prohibit any type of public sexual activity or unwanted advances of a sexual nature. And this is why education is so important to BNA.

We organize quarterly meetups, both domestic and international, to some of the most beautiful nude beaches and exclusive nudist resorts around the world because we want our members to have life-changing experiences while connecting with some amazing people. Our first event, held this past summer visiting Haulover beach and staying at a beautiful mansion compound in Miami, was a complete success and inspired us to plan bigger and better events in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to expand your horizons regarding BNA, and we look forward to welcoming Griot Republic’s readers somewhere on a nude beach or naturist resort around the world. Allow us to give you a whole new experience and redefine what freedom means to you.

If you’d like more information on the Black Naturists Association and its events, follow them on Facebook.



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