Bestiality Tourism: Yes, That’s Really a Thing

Truth be told, even in places where it is legal, zoophilia is far from accepted. For many, it ranks up there with pedophilia, given the inability of the animals to give consent.

Today’s Globetrotters have an infinite amount of choices when it comes to how they will spend their time away from home. Many travelers will visit family & friends, celebrate their birthday, attend a friend’s milestone birthday, go to a wedding, explore natural habitats, go to concerts and much more. There are a multitude of other reasons why one would choose to explore other potentially greener pastures, including to meet a future romantic partner or even a sexcapade. Let’s examine this further.

First, think about your deepest darkest desire, no I’m not talking about your many visits to the adult movie site, I’m talking about the one that you fear will cause people to judge you and to lose friends. Who do you turn to? Who do you talk to openly and honestly about this aspect of your life? Now imagine that your secret involved a furry, potentially four-legged companion. You see, there are in fact those who engage in sexual behavior with dogs, donkeys, horses and more.

Now, let’s establish who zoophiles are since there is the distinction between those who practice bestiality and zoophilia. According to the intra-community definition by the German organization Zoophiles Engagement für Toleranz und Aufklärung (ZETA), beasts generally do not fall in love with animals nor do they see them as equals. Zoos on the other hand typically see their animal mate as an equal partner rather than reducing them to a sexual object.


Circling back to the reasons people have to travel…combine people’s affinity for sexual relations with animals with their legal options and you’ll find another reason to travel – bestiality tourism. Where do people go to practice their brand of sexual pleasure? Article upon article on any number of Google searches leads one to believe that Denmark holds the title of the “Bestiality Capital of the World.” This seemingly has to do with the 1969 legalization of bestiality. Denmark was also home of Danish porn star, Bodil Joensen, who specialized in the bestiality sub-genre of porn.

Joensen, a die-hard animal lover, left home at the age of 15 and sought work at a farm outside of Copenhagen. She went on to purchase her own farm, which she called Insemination Central. In the early 70s, Joensen needed to generate income to pay for the upkeep of her farm. Thus, the bestiality porn queen herself opened her farm up for tourism. Those visiting could also make private films with the farm’s four-legged residents.

Tourists looking to engage in bestiality legally, largely German tourists, continued to make Denmark a preferred destination. However, contrary to popular belief many zoos would argue that travel for the sole purpose of having sex with an animal is looked down upon by many. This legal option, however, has gone by the wayside. In July 2015, Denmark passed a law prohibiting bestiality. How much this affects the industry is yet to be determined.


There have been articles touting Serbia as an animal brothel haven. However, time and again more articles appear to refute such claims. While there may be demand, the supply is not so publicly available. A quick search on FetLife for zoo parties yielded no results. Similarly, given their stance on human-animal relationships, ZETA doesn’t have any event pages promoting zoo parties. It does, however, provide a world map that you can scroll over to find out where and what is legal or illegal. It is possible that somewhere in the 427 pages worth of threads on BeastForum one might find other beasts or zoos with whom to play. Discretion is key at all times.

While the specifics of this brand of tourism may be vague, it is said that the preferred location is rural. The issue would then be, that while the property being used may be secluded and private, the scrutiny on any unfamiliar faces may go up. The neighbors may not be as welcoming of the guests as the host/ess is. It is unclear whether the rise of KinkBnB, a subscription-based service connecting guests to hosts with playspaces around the world, will be an option for zoophiles in the future. A quick search revealed an abundance of dungeons, but nothing specifically catering to zoophiles.

At the end of the day, this is a practice that dates back to the 1800s. People have found ways to engage in it regardless of the legal standpoint. Truth be told, even in places where it is legal, zoophilia is far from accepted. For many, it ranks up there with pedophilia, given the inability of the animals to give consent. The bottom line is, much like other areas of life, where there’s a will there’s a way. In business, it comes down to supply and demand.

The life of a zoophile can be quite lonely, particularly if they are closeted zoos. It stands to reason then, that more organizations and forums will grow, offering people some form of community and connection. All the while there will be a continual rise in support of animal rights. Keep an eye out for tourism trends in countries where bestiality is legal. Who knows, someone else may try to follow in Joensen’s footsteps.

For a further understanding of the difference between bestiality and zoophilia check out Corey Silverburg’s Jan. 2018 post on LiveAbout.


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