Lebanon is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it is an astonishing tourist destination with engrossing historical landmarks, clean beaches, gourmet cuisine, and heavenly, picturesque mountains. The country truly offers something for everyone’s taste.

The culture of Lebanon and the Lebanese people emerged from numerous civilizations over thousands of years. It was home to the Phoenicians and was subsequently conquered and occupied by the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, The Persians, the Arabs, the Crusaders, the Ottoman Turks, and the French. This variety is reflected in Lebanon’s diverse population, composed of different religious groups, and features in the country’s festivals, musical styles, literature, the cuisine and architecture of Lebanon.


In Lebanon, you can Speak Arabic, English, and French
in the same breath.

“Hi. Keefak. Ça va?” is a phrase often heard. “Hi.” That’s English. “Keefak?” That’s Arabic for “How are you?” “Ça va?” That’s French for “How’s it going?” That’s three languages. So if you want to sound like you’re part of the in-crowd, just use these sentences.

The best time to visit Beirut is in the autumn or spring. The weather is pleasant during this time, and you can avoid the seasonal heat. Bring your walking shoes for the day, and your party shoes for the night. The center of Beirut is easily traversed on foot. You must pack your “going out” or evening clothes, as the Lebanese dress up to party all night. Club life usually starts from 10:00 PM and ends at 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM. Lebanon is the place where rich kids from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Gulf buy their luxury goods and blow off steam.

Lebanon’s nightlife is one of the major draws of tourists to the country. People from around the globe come over to enjoy their weekends. Since nightlife is a thing to enjoy, we’ve come up with our own list of places where you can enjoy all that Beirut has to offer when the sun goes down.


B 018

The most popular underground club is housed in a bomb shelter and usually opens at 2:00 AM. It’s strictly 18 and over, and they have the most strict bouncers. It’s best to avoid this club on holidays like Christmas as it can get extremely crowded. But on normal days you can enjoy the music and party with people from all over the world. The management opens the rooftop when needed, mostly when the inside gets smoky. The club stays open until around 6:00 or 7:00 AM. 



Sky Bar

It’s one of the most popular nightclubs. It was ranked best bar in the world in 2009 and burned down a few years ago, but they re-built and now its open for public. It’s strictly 21 and over, and there is a rooftop, so it’s a nice place to visit when you are going to enjoy the nightlife of Lebanon.



The Garten

One of the best nightclubs in the city is only open on Saturday from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. It’s an outdoor area and a very good place to visit, it’s strictly 21, and over so if you are over 21, you can enjoy your nightlife here. They will usually open it up to 18 and over when they have special events. The interior is amazing, so you’ll like your night there.




Ferdinand is the name of quality food and cocktails. They serve food and cocktails with creativity that draws the people in. Burgers are also one of the best and amazingly tasty. This venue offers nice music and a pleasant atmosphere with good service. People highly recommend it, so it’s a must try whenever you visit Beirut, Lebanon.



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