Yandeh Muhammed

Diving Egypt’s Underwater Kingdoms

Some of the most famous wreck dives in the world can be found in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. These reef filled waters are teaming with underwater wildlife and so much diversity that it's difficult to compare it to anyplace else on the Earth.

Afro Mexicans

Afro Mexicans, a population that ascended from the enslaved Africans of Spanish colonizers in the 1600s and escaped slaves reclaiming their freedom in Northern ... Read More...

A Baby is Born in Senegambia

One thing about Gambians and Senegambians, in general, is that they never miss out on a chance to throw an epic event to show out and recognize pivotal points i... Read More...

Yandeh Muhammed

Freelance Writer

Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed is a multinational writer raised and living in The Gambia, traveling throughout the continent by road. During her free time, Yandeh eats fire and tries to save the ocean, one shark at a time. Find out more about her journey on IG: @rivoltasata or her blog that looks at living as an African freelancing traveler: ysmtravel.wordpress.com