Yandeh Muhammed

Afro Mexicans

Afro Mexicans, a population that ascended from the enslaved Africans of Spanish colonizers in the 1600s and escaped slaves reclaiming their freedom in Northern ... Read More...

A Baby is Born in Senegambia

One thing about Gambians and Senegambians, in general, is that they never miss out on a chance to throw an epic event to show out and recognize pivotal points i... Read More...

Yandeh Muhammed

Freelance Writer

Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed is a multinational writer raised and living in The Gambia, traveling throughout the continent by road. During her free time, Yandeh eats fire and tries to save the ocean, one shark at a time. Find out more about her journey on IG: @rivoltasata or her blog that looks at living as an African freelancing traveler: ysmtravel.wordpress.com