Ebony Isis Booth


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Ebony Isis Booth

Programs and Communications Coordinator

A 2006 National Poetry Slam Champion, and recipient of Westword’s Mastermind Award in Literary Arts for her work as hostess of Denver’s Café Nuba; Ebony Isis Booth is committed to her work. Since moving to Albuquerque in early 2015, Ebony has continued to fuel her drive toward art-ivism as Programs & Communications Coordinator for Harwood Art Center, Board of Directors member of New Mexico YWCA, and founder of the African American multimedia performance showcase Burque Noir. Ebony continues to write and perform original poetry and prose; heralding social justice, self love, and perseverance in New Mexico. In 2016, Ebony will celebrate the launch of her consulting and event production firm Burque Noir, LLC. Societal demographics suggest that black women account for less than 1% of the population in New Mexico. Ebony is committed to ensuring visibility and agency that surpasses the status quo.