Diana O'Gilvie

The UK’s Homegrown Hip Hop

American hip-hop didn’t always resonate with the UK youth. It didn’t reflect the experiences of the black British youth, their slangs, frustrations and the comm... Read More...

Hemingway’s Cuba

Who among my generation hasn’t been influenced by Hemingway? The man, the legend, the prolific writer. He was famous at twenty-five years old and a celebrated w... Read More...

Diana O'Gilvie

Staff Writer/Social Media

Award winning writer/filmmaker, Diana O’Gilvie’s work is driven by her global curiosity and distinctive approach to authentic story telling. Armed with a Master’s Degree (L.I.U) in Media Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism (York College) Diana has successfully coupled this academic knowledge with international independent film experience, travel writing and photography.